BearHugs for Comfort

Aromatherapy Warming & Cooling Packs

A collection of weighted, handcrafted, soothing items designed for comfort. Made with premium, lush fabric and flax with organic lavender or peppermint, this line can be warmed in the microwave for a comforting warm pack or cooled in the freezer for a soothing cool pack. The beneficial aromatherapy scent can be tailored to your liking by adding pure essential oils as needed to the fabric.


A sweet, cuddly bear measuring 14 inches with a handstitched face. A WarmHug can conform to your body for comfort.

WarmHugs Wraps

Measuring 28 inches long, this wrap is perfect as a soothing neckwrap or for low back comfort.


This loving heart, measuring 10 inches wide, is designed to fit nicely on your upper chest, lower abdomen. or wherever a comforting warm or cool pack is needed.


Made as a peppermint infused cold pack, CoolHugs are ideal for headaches, puffy eyes, or anywhere else soothing cool relief is needed. The 8 x 5 inch size perfectly cradles your forehead.


WarmHugs, WarmHugs Wraps, XOXOs, and CoolHugs are available in BearHugs Online Store.  Aromatherapy Warming and Cooling Packs are also available in a variety of fabric designs at BearHugs Markets & Festivals. Special orders are welcomed by contacting BearHugs directly.