Precious Pillows


Precious Pillows are handcrafted from special clothing from you. These pillows allow for large clothing details or logos to become a treasured keepsake. The size of the finished pillow varies depending on the clothing you select. Precious Pillows can be backed with the original clothing item, additional fabric, or a handmade patchwork of multiple clothing pieces or fabrics. Add embroidery to capture the meaning behind your memories forever. 




Multiple clothing pieces can be sewn together and used as Patchwork for the back of your Precious Pillow. 

Embroidery, Applique & Decorative Edging



Embroidery, applique and decorative edging can all be added to your Custom Pillow. 

Coordinate with a Custom Memory Bear


Turn remaining fabric from a Custom Memory Bear into a beautifully coordinating Precious Pillow. The most treasured of memories preserved for you in a complimentary set. This is an absolutely perfect duo! 

How to Order a Precious Pillow

Important to Consider

 Precious Pillows are handcrafted. This means time is required to accomplish all specialized, artistic, textile pillows. There is no mass production, nor any heavy machinery used. Needles, threads, scissors, skill, patience and attention to detail are used to create your Precious Pillow. The pillows are produced by hand, therefore will have characteristics of handcrafting. If you are looking for machine producing precision, BearHugs is not for you. If you value individual attention resulting in a one-of-a-kind, unique, and custom bear, then BearHugs is perfect for you!

Please allow time for handcrafting to occur. If gifting a Precious Pillow, please place your order early in relation to your deadline date. Holidays tend to be very busy times and completion times will reflect this. BearHugs will communicate with you as to your anticipated completion time frame. Typically, Precious Pillows will be ready for you in approximately 6-8 weeks. However, completion times vary based on the number of orders ahead of you. Custom Precious Pillows are crafted and completed in the order the clothing is received. 

All Precious Pillows are designed, crafted and sewn in The United States of America.

The Process

  • Complete the Contact Form describing your interest in a Precious Pillow.
  • BearHugs will communicate through email to make arrangements for transfer of your precious clothing items to BearHugs. Items can be mailed to BearHugs or a personal meeting can be scheduled in Katy, Texas. Details will be in the email. 
  • Design of your Precious Pillow will be discussed at our in-person meeting or through email, text, or phone if you are unable to meet in person.
  • Estimated Completion Date will be given to you by BearHugs.
  • Your Precious Pillow will be handcrafted by BearHugs.
  • BearHugs will notify you when your Precious Pillow is complete.
  • Arrangements will be made for local pick up or for shipment.
  • Balance is due at the time of completion. If shipping charges apply, the charges will be added into the final balance due.
  • Cherish your custom-made Precious Pillow.

BearHugs Reserves the Right to use photographs of clothing and completed Precious Pillows.




BearHugs is happy to ship your completed Precious Pillow wherever you wish, however, all shipping fees are not included. Shipping & Handling charges will be added to the final balance due. 

Arrangements can always be made for Personal Pick Up in Katy, Texas.