Precious Pillows


Precious Pillows are handcrafted from special clothing from you. These pillows allow for large clothing details or logos to become a treasured keepsake. The size of the finished pillow varies depending on the clothing you select. Precious Pillows can be backed with the original clothing item, additional fabric, or a handmade patchwork of multiple clothing pieces or fabrics. Add embroidery to capture the meaning behind your memories.




Multiple clothing pieces can be sewn together and used as Patchwork for the back of your Precious Pillow. 

Embroidery, Applique & Decorative Edging



Embroidery, applique and decorative edging can all be added to your Custom Pillow. 

Coordinate with a Custom Memory Bear


Turn remaining fabric from a Custom Memory Bear into a beautifully coordinated Precious Pillow. The most treasured of memories preserved for you in a complimentary set. This is an absolutely perfect duo!