Frequently Asked Questions

Feel Free to Contact BearHugs with Any Questions

What clothing items can be made into a Custom Memory Bear?

  • Our Memory Bear Designer is happy to discuss the possibilities of making a Custom Memory Bear using any clothing items you have. We pride ourselves in making bears that are truly custom, just for you! 

How much clothing is needed to make a Custom Memory Bear?

  • An adult size large shirt typically makes one complete Custom Memory Bear. Please keep in mind, multiple clothing pieces can be used in the same bear, patchwork is available, and additional fabric can always be added to make your Custom Memory Bear exactly how you want it.

What is the difference between Custom Memory Bears and Specialty Bears?

  • Custom Memory Bears are made from clothing items you provide and result in a one-of-a-kind memory bear. Custom Memory Bears typically take four weeks to complete. Specialty Bears are made from fabric selected by BearHugs and are available for immediate purchase, pending inventory.

How do I get my clothing to BearHugs?

  • Once you complete the Contact Us form, BearHugs will send you an email detailing options for a personal meeting in Katy, Texas or how to send your item/s to BearHugs.

How big are Custom Memory Bears?

  • Custom Memory Bears stand approximately 14 inches tall (10 inches sitting) and measure approximately 7 inches at their widest part.

Will my bear look like the bears in the photgraphs?

  • All Custom Memory Bears and Specialty Bears by BearHugs are handcrafted. This means that each bear takes on unique characteristics indicative of being made by hand. The photographs by BearHugs are generally what your bear will look like. Each bear will be uniquely charming because of the handcrafting detail.

How long does it take to make a Custom Memory Bear?

  • Many hours are devoted to designing and crafting each Custom Memory Bear. Typically, Custom Memory Bears will be complete in eight weeks after your clothing and deposit are received by BearHugs. BearHugs will notify you of your anticiapted completion time. Holidays and Graduation Times tend to be busy. It is always recommended to place your order well in advance of the date your Custom Memory Bear is needed.

Where is BearHugs located?

  • Katy, Texas

What do I have to do to the clothing I send BearHugs?

  • Clothing items should be clean when they are given to BearHugs. BearHugs will not wash or dry clean clothing items prior to transforming them into a Custom Memory Bear. BearHugs reserves the right to refuse soiled or dirty clothing items.

I don't know what I want my BearHug to look like, but I know I want to have one made. Can you help me?

  • Absolutely--The design of your Custom Memory Bear is what our Memory Bear Designer does best! BearHugs will accommodate your level of interest in the designing phase of your Custom Memory Bear. Many clients prefer for BearHugs to do all the designing and some have a clear vision of how their Custom Memory Bear will look. Our Memory Bear Designer can complete all the designing, can offer suggestions or options, or will listen and create your Custom Memory Bear according to your specific requests. Your design phase is just as unique as your Custom Memory Bear by BearHugs.

Are WarmHugs heavy?

  • WarmHugs weigh approximatley 1 1/2  pounds each.

How do I use a WarmHug?

  • WarmHugs can be gently warmed in the microwave for moist heat or can be placed in the freezer for cooling relief. Complete instructions for use are included with each WarmHug.

Can I send a Serenity Bear as a gift to someone?

  • Yes, all Custom Memory Bears and Specialty Bears can be sent as gifts.  You can specifiy your bear as a gift when ordering and can determine where your bear is shipped (shipping is not included except for Baby BearHug Bundles and WarmHugs).

I want to give my mom a BearHug from my dad's clothing, but she has all of his clothing. How do I do that?

  • BearHugs Gift Cards make that very simple. Gift Cards can be purchased in any amount. Instructions for redeeming the Gift Card are included.

I want to give the Baby BearHugs Bundle to my best friend who is expecting her first baby. Will she have to pay for anything?

  • All shipping fees are included in the Baby BearHugs Bundle and will be of no cost to the recipient. The recipient will need to select and provide a memorable newborn size sleeper. The sleeper will be combined with the included receiving blanket to make a Custom Memory Bear.

Are WarmHugs scented?

  • WarmHugs contain flax seeds and organic lavender or peppermint.  The premium fabric used to make WarmHugs readily accepts pure essential oils, allowing you to customize or revive the aromatherapy quality of your WarmHug as needed.

I want the paw of my BearHug embroidered but my saying is longer than 14 characters. How does that work?

  • Our Memory Bear Designer will discuss all embroidery work with you during the design process and will give you an itemized price list specifically for your Custom Memory Bear.

Will I get the clothing back that I send?

  • Yes, if you wish. You have the option of having any remaining clothing returned to you. If you prefer, BearHugs will take care of any remaining clothing. That choice is completely up to you. BearHugs will NEVER use your items in a project other than yours.

I know nothing about coordinating fabric, can BearHugs help me?

  • Yes! Our Memory Bear Designer will work with you through every step of the process.